FastForward Innovations Limited (LON:FFWD) said its investee company SatoshiPay has achieved two significant landmarks – it has reached 10,000 wallets, and has created an application programming interface (API) that should significantly increase its reach.

The latter first: The blockchain-based nanopayments company said the API means its technology can be used on all websites, mobile apps and internet-connected software.

Previously, it could only be used by websites running WordPress, which accounted for 26% of the total number of sites.

FastForward chief executive Lorne Abony said: “We are tremendously impressed with SatoshiPay’s momentum.

“Their API will enable exponential growth, as it can now be used in any type of internet-connected application, be it a website, app or otherwise.

“This enables developers, publishers, apps and enterprises to make use of the tremendous value of their technology and is a significant step forward for the company”.

Even with the previous limitations, 10,000 wallets have been created by people wishing to use the micropayments system.

SatoshiPay enables content publishers to garner small payments for content, generating new revenue streams by allowing monetisation on a “nano-scale”.

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