What it does

Finding, testing and developing new drugs is a notoriously expensive process.

e-Therapeutics PLC (LON:ETX) has built network-driven drug discovery platforms (NDD and GAINs) that harness the power of big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company’s main claim is that these processes allows it to discover new and better drugs in a more efficient and effective way.

It also has two NDD-derived immuno-oncology programmes in the pipeline.

How it is doing

In October, e-therapeutics said that it remains in active discussions with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies about future collaborations.

Meanwhile, its recently announced collaboration with Galapagos is on schedule, with compound testing slated to take place early next year, while it has extended its collaboration with Novo Nordisk until March 2021 to evaluate results that have been generated so far and to decide if further compounds need to be tested to explore the findings to date.

Cash as at the end of July 2020 stood at GBP15.1mln, up from GBP3.8mln at the end of January.

What the boss is saying: Ali Mortazavi, chairman and chief executive

“I believe that e-therapeutics has established a key position among the small vanguard of companies across the globe applying computational biology to drug discovery. Our ambition is to take advantage of our momentum to become a major force at this intersection of technology and life sciences.”

“We believe that any biological data, when analysed in a network biology context, will yield insights into biological processes, mechanisms and targets that are not visible by other analytical techniques. As world leaders in the field of network biology, we are uniquely placed to utilise this expertise and to offer our solutions to biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are increasingly looking for a deeper understanding of complex diseases.”


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Inflexion points

  • More collaborations deals signed for either NDD or GAINs
  • Funding package to accelerate development plans agreed
  • Progress with own drug candidates

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