Y’know the whole salon closure due to COVID-19 thing? Well, it wasn’t really flying with salon owners like Lindsey Graham. Lindsey owns Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon and received fines from the state because she decided to stay open during the state-mandated coronavirus closures this year. 

Lindsey is suing Governor Kate Brown for $100,000 because she felt that shutting down small businesses during the pandemic caused a ton of harm, anguish, stress, depression, anxiety and even damaged Graham’s reputation and goodwill.

Plus, she lost tons of revenue and other business opportunities (ahem, like everyone else). Welcome to the club, Lindsey.

She’s also claiming that Governor Kate Brown didn’t actually have authority to make private businesses close as long as said business is able to demonstrate their ability to operate safely, according to COVID-19 safety protocol measures. Sure, Lauren abided by the “Stay Home, Save Lives” order that went into effect March 23rd, but reopened her salon six weeks later.

That landed Lauren a $14,000 fine for “operating a hazardous facility for her employees” even though she doesn’t have employees, she has independent contractors that chose themselves to use her facility. Graham is claiming the fine is illegal and her civil rights (along with the Constitution) were violated.

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Don’t Make the Same Mistake TOMS Did

Have you ever owned a pair of TOMS? You know, those extremely uncomfortable and not-so-attractive (they’re one notch above Crocs) canvas shoes that have the buy one, give one charitable model? Well, the company was once making $250 million a year and now has been taken over by creditors.

Wondering what happened? 

Blake Mycoskie from The Amazing Race decided to start the company in 2006. Nope, it’s not run by “Tom”. TOMS stands for Tomorrow’s Shoes. Blake was inspired after a trip to Argentina where he felt his heart strings pull towards all the children that didn’t have shoes. He saw the “Alpargata” shoe there, which is the “everyday shoe” for Argentinians, and decided to start TOMS with that design. 

The company got a lot of publicity and fast growth thanks to Hollywood buyers and younger people looking for non-traditional brands to buy. It was the perfect hero product for its time. 

What’s a hero product? It’s a product that is the one synonymous with the company’s name. Think Porsche 911, Air Jordans from Nike or the Birkin bag from Hermes. The Alpargata was exactly what you thought of when you thought of TOMS, making the company seem unstoppable.

TOMS started running into problems when competitors, like Skechers and their BOBS shoes (who donated two pairs of shoes for every pair bought, beating TOMS to their punch) started copying the Alpargata design. TOMS grew their charitable program to include sunglasses that supported people who needed cataract surgery in developing companies, and in 2014 they did something similar with TOMS Roasting Company (which sold coffee).

Still, people only thought of that hero iconic shoe when they thought of TOMS. Even I always thought it was weird when I saw TOMS coffee in the grocery store.

Trying to rescue their company didn’t work because in 2019, alongside announcing a change to their model (they now donate one dollar for every three dollars they make), the company is now owned by creditors. TOMS is a great example of what not to do, but they have the right idea in mind with their charitable model.

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Copy What Millionaires Do

Self-made millionaires, that is. 

If you’re on the same track and want to achieve millionaire or multi-millionaire status for yourself, start acting how similar individuals do to create the same amount of wealth. 

First, start with your morning. Do you immediately wake up and check your emails, respond to messages, or turn on the news? Time to cut that out before 2021 hits. Instead, most self-made millionaires invest in themselves first thing in the morning with meditation, brainstorming, or journaling about dreams, goals and solutions for their business.

Self-made millionaires also read a lot of facts. No, not the “facts” on the news, but facts that expand their knowledge base on being a better business owner and leader. They invest a lot of time reading motivational, uplifting and inspirational things to keep their mind set on success. A positive mental outlook, no matter what’s going on in your business or the world, is what gives them a greater chance of being successful in life. 

In essence, they put themselves first and save the BS for last.

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