Coinrunners, a film script based on an apparently true story about the crypto markets, is releasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to help fund a potential Hollywood project.

Lisa N Edwards, a crypto trader and writer behind the movie, plans on releasing 15,000 NFTs for the price of US$333 each.

Those who purchase the NFTs will be asked to ‘mint’ their art, in other words add the digital art to the Ethereum blockchain, and then hold onto it, bringing perks such as a chance of a walk on role in the film.

There will also be an opportunity to become an executive producer on the movie by purchasing a one-of-one NFT based on a Wall Street Cheat Sheet at auction at a later date.

Edwards said, “Without the support and encouragement of the crypto community, many of them now good friends, I would not be in a position to merge my passions and bring this story to life.”

Production is hoped to start in 2022, with Edwards hoping to attract A-list celebrities to feature in filming, which is planned to take place in the USA, Australia and Thailand.

Based on a true story, the movie will focus on a female crypto trader who gets involved in a relationship with another trader that leads them to the edge of disaster.

It will highlight some of the real life issues that that the crypto markets experience, such as extreme volatility in price movements.

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